What Are Buyers Looking For In A Phoenix Home?

What are Buyers Looking for in a Phoenix Home?

 This year has been eventful for most people, and for some, that has prompted them to make a big move. Whether they were already living in Phoenix or decided to relocate recently, one thing is certain – the Phoenix real estate market has been hot, with numerous buyers looking for the perfect home.

But what makes the perfect Phoenix home in 2021? A lot of the usual draws, but also some unexpected features. From backyards to home offices, let’s take a look at what buyers are looking for in a Phoenix home.

Plenty of Space

With the effects of the pandemic still looming over us, everyone who is relocating in this period is after one thing: more space. A spacious home is no. 1 on everyone’s priority list, including buyers in Phoenix.

While tiny houses have been growing in popularity, big homes are also having their moment in the sun. This year more than ever before, buyers want a big property that can fit all aspects of their lives, from work to school to relaxing or entertaining.

A home office, home gym, huge kitchen, and plenty of guest rooms are all on the typical buyer’s list for a perfect home.

An Affordable Home

Affordability is also a big concern, especially with the recession affecting so many of us. A significant number of Phoenix home buyers are California transplants who have been effectively priced out of the area. So, they are looking for the same advantages they used to enjoy there, but at a lower price.

Arizona is their primary destination, with Phoenix being the most popular city for Los Angeleans who are choosing to relocate. While still ever so slightly above the national average cost of living, it is still a far cry from expensive L.A.

A Home Office

The other significant lifestyle change buyers are going through is switching to working from home. While it is a largely welcomed change for most people, it is also one that requires some adjustments.

Working from home requires a dedicated space, quiet, devices, software – and all that needs to be possible in the same home. That’s why home offices are one of the big-ticket features that buyers are after this year.

A spare room away from the commotion, a desk by the window, a door that locks, and a stable, high-speed internet connection are all on the list of must-have features for homeowners.

Outdoor Enjoyment

Arizona has one important advantage that cannot be overlooked: great weather. People come from all over the country to enjoy the sun shining all year round. In addition, it makes it possible to enjoy nature and the outdoors to their fullest potential, which is particularly important for buyers at this time.

If you’re interested in outdoor activities, Phoenix has a thriving hiking community you might enjoy, or you can just relax in your own backyard. Since outdoor space has become so valuable, any inch of land where they can enjoy fresh air is a great addition for home buyers.

A home with enough space for a table and chairs, a grill, or even an outdoor kitchen would be ideal, and a luxury a lot of people would be willing to pay extra for.

Final Thoughts

The Phoenix real estate market is thriving, and for good reason – there are a lot of beautiful properties available in a location that is almost perfect. But what are the buyers looking for? Affordability is high up on the list, but so are big homes and sunny backyards. But regardless of what everyone else is looking for, only you can decide which Phoenix home is perfect for you.

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