But it's a dry heat.... If you live here, that's usually the excuse you give. If you don't live here, all you can think about is your feet burning from walking on the sun: aka Phoenix streets.

So, you are thinking about moving to Phoenix and concerned about living in hell. Well, I can tell you after having lived here for 30 years- the summers can get to be a little toasty but how often are you really outside? It really is a dry heat and much better than some Chicago summers I used to live through. Sorry to my friends at the Ben Lalez Team in Chicago.

But there really is more to it than that and that's why I wanted to write this article and share it with you, so let's dig in to what are the Top 3 things to do in Phoenix in the summer!


Leave Phoenix...lol

So I love Phoenix and all and whether you are used to it or not, sometimes it is just nice to get away. And let's face it, I remember as a kid, every summer taking a summer vacation, so how is it any different now? And if you take a vacation every month, or for a few weekends all the better!

One of the most popular destination spots for Phoenicians is California. Especially Southern California. And more specifically Orange County. Even if it's not just for the weather, who doesn't love being near the Ocean? Enjoying some delicious food? Or taking a mini trip to Disneyland? FYI, if you happen to visit Coronado Island-don't be surprised to run into some of your neighbors. July is a premier time to make Coronado their destination spot. 

Don't want to drive for 6 hours or take an hour flight? Stay local and drive to Flagstaff-a quick 2 hour drive from North Phoenix. The temperatures are usually on average about 20 degrees cooler and whether it be for a weekend getaway, a month, or the summer, Flag (as the locals call it) is a sweet spot to visit the high country (elevation and maybe other stuff too) ;-)

Swimming pools in the summer?

Yup, you guessed it. And whether you think it feels like bath water or not, being able to jump in your own pool from June-August is awesome...and whether it's hopping on your inflatable unicorn during the day drenched in sunscreen...or late at night, enjoying a local Hazy IPA while gazing at the stars, yeah, I'd take that over a muggy, sweaty day any time.

Are pools harder or more to maintain? I don't know-- sometimes I feel like it is harder to maintain rocks since weeds pop up all the time. Do pool pumps, cleaning of pools, and the pebble-tek cost more? I guess. But I'd rather be able to enjoy a dip in the pool at my convenience, and you pay for convenience.  Look at some Phoenix homes with pools for sale right here.

Stay inside

It sounds obvious but really in most areas of the Country when it is 90+ outside do you flock to go outside to enjoy a walk? Play a round of golf? No. So, stay inside. Go to a Costco and cool off there. We are a dry heat so there is no question walking to your car here from wherever you go you won't be drenched like some Midwestern states. But be prepared for your car seats and steering wheel to feel like the Devil just touched your lucky car. But so what, you cool it off and be on your merry way.

We also have, like other areas, Museums to visit. The Musical Instrument Museum is a fabulous place to go in North Phoenix. Downtown has the Childrens Museum if you have kids. The Phoenix Art Museum is a lot of fun too. 

I get it. You are probably saying, "Blair, you told us to leave, get a pool or stay inside. That doesn't really give us many options." I disagree. I have lived in multiple states with a sweaty summer. I would take Phoenix almost any day over those summers. And I can swim any day...and guess what -- it's good exercise too. I can just relax. I can enjoy local establishments. So there really is a lot to do. And one thing I love about Phoenix is San Diego, Vegas and some other areas are just an hour plane ride away.

What next?

If you are thinking about moving to Phoenix and looking to buy a home--look for a home with a swimming pool. You'll thank me later. And if you want to yell at me-my phone doesn't accept those types of calls.

Phoenix is great. There are 12 months in a year. The Summer is about 3. The other 75% of the year is well worth it. Whether you love the Spring/Fall/Winter or shorts and flip flops almost year round, I would take the trade for 120 days 1-3x a year for the great that is the rest of the year.

When you do move to Phoenix and looking for something to do, hit me up, I have recommendations for things to do in the summer, best restaurants, referrals for contractors--I am here to help.