This Is Why Your Kids Will Never Have A Place To Call Home

This Is Why Your Kids Will Never Have A Place To Call Home

So, you ask, how are all these things happening? How is that possible?

Everything appears to be good? Sure. Prices are going up, sellers are happy with those prices, and the numbers they walking away with in many cases!

Especially over the past couple of years, as homeowners we have been bombarded with messages across multiple forms of communication, texting, calling, radio, TV, email, people on your doorstep, in your mailbox, every single possible communication method! Even a carrier pigeon, if those still exist!

From companies, big companies that are looking to buy your home and for the past couple years, it's been attractive right? They come to you, will give you full market value for your home. Cash closes if really want, you can stay in your home.

You don't have to deal with showings from the annoying realtor right?

It's attractive and I'll be the first one to tell you.

Me, personally, I have sold homes to them, and I've represented sellers on purchases to them. Sometimes I regret it, and I want to talk to you today about why I regret it, and how more importantly it's affecting and will affect the future. 

So how will it affect the future? The answer is, well, there's going to be a lot of rambling here, but please stay tuned.

Many of these companies that buy these homes and these exceptions where they buy home, and they put it back on the market and an owner-occupant get the chance to live in that home. I recently heard I'm in the process of verifying, that, for at least one of these companies, you probably have heard of them seven out of ten homes that they they don't put back on the market. They sell to other companies, hedge funds,  that turn these properties into rentals.

Maybe some of you out there looking for homes to rent and you like Blair, how is that a bad thing?I get more options to choose from! And you're right! You do get more options and I'm happy for you, but the problem with these massive headgefunds people that are buying these properties from my own research and I have confirmed this, I can almost guarantee you that from a real estate community perspective, you will never ever see those homes for sale again!

And what does that mean? They're always going to be rentals and that will help renters but eventually many renters like to become homeowners, so in the past, I've been a realtor real estate licence person since around 2000, so I've been selling real estate for about 22 years, and when I got started it was normal to see about 30,000 homes for at any given time, and then 2005 came along, and then maybe that number dropped significantly and then it went back up, and then now lets say it's around 5,000 homes for sale. Who knows what the new normal will be? If there is one. But with there being less land to build on, we don't know where those homes are going to come from so what I can gaurentee you also is that if these homes keep being sold to these massive hedgefunds they are not gonna come back onto the market, and what if the new normal becomes 5000 and what if pricing doesn't come down and then your kids and their kids try looking for a home. Can you imagine that in fourty years what pricing would be with whatever time frame and how many homes to choose from?

The American dream is going to be gone.

I get it I'm in real estate, I sell homes, I make money when I sell a home, so some people might be thinking, maybe its you  saying well Blair, you just want more homes to sell, no! That's not what it is all about I've become super passionate about this topic because I want future generations and generations now to have the same opportunities that I have and I've had to own a home, it's cool! It comes with issues, garbage disposal breaks, you need to replace your air conditioner, hot is coming through window you, need to replace them and they cost money but still being able to call that a house that I live in my home, my family's home where last year we planted a bunch of fruit trees in the backyard and this year we starting to see those come to fruition no pun intended I can't do that in an apartment, and you can't do that in a house that you are renting, well I guess you could, but eventually if you have to leave I guess you could take all the trees with but I don't know if that would work in that if we continue to do this. To live in the moment of selling those homes for instant gratification because we don't want to deal with the showings, we want cash, we want whatever I get like I said I've been there and I've done it and I regret it and if I could go back I probably would changed my because that home that I sold was it in till now will never come back to the market to give someone a chance to call that their home that they own. I want those people that are out there to be able to call that house their home like I'm able to do if you own a home like you're able to do so as I wrap this up this topic this very important matter please. 

I urge you if you are thinking about selling your reach out to someone like myself and we will go over the options with you and if that truly is the best option to sell to one of the companies that's ok not going to dissuade you from it.

I want to make sure you understand the consequences and your options not just now, but of the future, it's important that we think about the future. I beg of you, and I urge you to make sure you understand your options that I can probably assure you if it's cash you are looking for let's find another cash buyer. We can probably do it whether this market or any other market that's looking to live in your home make it their second home at least if it's someone that's going to live in it and appreciate it. Again, please I beg of you, be careful with the option that you choose think of not only the present think of the future none of us know what's going to happen but what will happen if our communities will be, and the American dream of home ownership shattered!

I'm blair ballin with the ballin estate team and I thank you so much for watching this. I can do it, you can do it, we can all do it.

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