The 5 Most Popular Schools In Gilbert, Az.

The 5 Most Popular Schools In Gilbert, Az.

Are you relocating which schools are the best to send your child to? In Gilbert, there are many schools and it can be a lengthy process nailing down the ones that suit you and your family. We have selected five of the most popular schools in Gilbert to help you with your decision. Here are The 5 Most Popular Schools In Gilbert. 

1. Gilbert Classical Academy

Gilbert Classical Academy opened in 2007 and caters to grades 7-12. This school empowers students to think critically and prepares them for lifelong learning by developing the students’ academic and social potential. The school offers basketball and volleyball and is located at 1016 N Burk St, Gilbert, AZ 85234.

2. Bridges Elementary School

Bridges Elementary School was founded in 2016 and offers morning and after school care programs, a youth sports league as well as various arts programs. This school promotes creative and critical thinking and is ranked as one of the Top Ten schools to attend in Gilbert. The code of conduct ensures that there is a safe environment for all students as well as the staff of the school. The school is located at 5205 South Soboba Street, Gilbert.

3. Greenfield Elementary School

Greenfield Elementary School offers preschool up to the sixth grade. The principal of the school, Mrs. Mary Longnion, has served the school since the fall of 2014. The school offers art, kindergarten, music, and physical education. The school is located at 2550 E Elliot Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234.

4. Perry High School

Perry High School is a public high school and opened in 2007. The school offers a variety of excellent academic programs for students to choose from. The school principal, Heather Patterson, mentions that the school prides itself on teaching its students to think critically in a technologically advanced society. This school is located at 1919 E Queen Creek Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85297.

5. Gilbert High School

Gilbert High School is a public high school and opened in 1918. This school offers grades 9-12 and offers a variety of programs for its students, including science, summer school, Culinary arts, theatre amongst many great other programs. This high school is located at 1101 E Elliot Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234.

Sending your child to school is a big step and as a parent, I am sure that you would want to make sure that you send them to a good school. 

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