Leaving Seattle And Moving To Arizona

Leaving Seattle And Moving To Arizona

Today I would like to offer you some different insights into the Phoenix area that might interest you. In essence, we will be covering other areas other than the beautiful Scottsdale area. 

Historically the pricing in the Scottsdale area is more expensive than most of the other areas and sometimes it doesn't always fit people's budgets. 

With that being said, the areas I would like to chat about today are the areas that kind of run together, Chandler and Gilbert. We get a lot of people in the Seattle area looking at these two areas for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is PRICE.

Both Chandler and Gilbert have a lower price on average than Scottsdale and the reason for this is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. It does not mean that Chandler or Gilbert is bad, it just means that you are paying for the location of Scottsdale. 

What's the average rambler with a pool in Scottsdale cost?  You can probably find some in the low $800s, whereas in Chandler and Gilbert are definitely below $700 which means that there is at least $100,000 difference. 

It may be something worth considering especially when Chandler and Gilbert offer great DISTRICT SCHOOLS. And once again, I am not saying that Scottsdale does not have great school districts, but through my experience, I have found that many prefer the school districts that Chandler and Gilbert have to offer. 

Both Chandler and Gilbert offer some amazing DOWNTOWN AREAS Now don't get me wrong, they aren't like the Seattle Downtown areas or the San Francisco areas that are booming with so many things going on. But they are great as they have some lovely restaurants and appealing amenities, and you can walk around when the weather is great! Which is what people want and like. 

Now for the next, we will talk about one of the biggest reasons why Chandler and Gilbert might be preferred over Scottsdale.

LOT SIZES. Once again, I am not saying that the Lot sizes in Scottsdale aren't big, I am just saying on average because construction happened later on, and there is more land in Chandler and Gilbert, in many cases, there is more land for your home. Every home is different, some lot sizes might be 1/4 acres, some might be bigger and some might be smaller. But on average the lot sizes are bigger than those in Scottsdale. Apples to apples. If we are looking at a multi-million dollar home in  Scottsdale, yes the lot sizes are probably going to be different. 

Be on the lookout for my next video as part of my video series answering your questions, and sharing things with you that you need and want to know. If you have a specific question, please feel free to send me a mail at [email protected] 

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