5 Dog Parks in Phoenix, Az.

5 Dog Parks in Phoenix, Az. 

Finding a place for our pampered canines to safely run and play around can be difficult in some areas. Luckily, you can enjoy the outdoors with man's best friend without needing to go far. With Phoenix having little to no rain and very mild weather practically all year round, it’s no wonder everyone here has their beloved furry friend to help them get through life's many challenges. As pet owners, we know the importance of taking our dogs for daily walks and interacting with fellow dogs. Some of the best dog parks have enclosed areas especially for smaller dogs with ample clean water for our furry friends to ensure that they don’t get dehydrated. Let’s not forget that dogs need ample running space on green grass and a park that allows dogs to practice their natural abilities! Phoenix parks offer one-of-a-kind landscapes with a variety of dog parks that you have to check out!


1. Camp Bow Wow

Camp Bow Wow is an exclusive dog camp and premier dog daycare. This private dog park not only recognizes that dogs need some good care and loving but also provides a few extra services such as dog grooming, dog walking, and dog boarding. 


2. Steele Indian School Park Dog Park

 This dog park gives your dog the amazing advantage of running freely on 1.63 acres of green grass, something we all know that our furry friends will love. There is ample water available for your dog while running, and there are seating areas available for owners and a lake nearby. 

3. Hance Park Dog Park

The Hance Park Dog Park is the first urban dog park built in Phoenix by the City of Phoenix Parks & Recreation Department. It has .99 acres of grass for your pet to run around and has separately fenced areas for large and small dogs. This dog park has seating available for the owners. It also has mutt mitt dispensers and waste containers for you to utilize. 

 4. Petsmart Dog Park at Washington Park

 This dog park is a favorite amongst dog owners for its massive 2.65 acres of grass as well as its big green shady trees. There is a seating area available and has separate large and small dog areas. This park also has access to water for your dog too and is well-maintained.

5. Grovers Basin / Echo Mountain Off Leash Arena

This park is highly praised by those who utilize it for its massive acres of grass as well as shady trees. This off-leash area is fenced in and has two separate areas for large and small dogs. There is a drinking fountain for you to resupply your dog bowl as well as doggie waste bags for your convenience. 

The scenic views that these parks offer are the reasons why both pet owners and pets would love them. It is important to ensure that your dog is well-behaved and vaccinated before entering any park. Take a day off and visit any of the parks, you and your dog will love it!

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