5 Best Breweries In Phoenix, Az.

5 Best Breweries In Phoenix, Az.

With the blazing hot weather out there, there is nothing more satisfying than a cold beer! Here are 5 of the top-recommended breweries you have to visit. 

1. Helton Brewing

This venue is an exclusive industrial neighbourhood brewery located in Central Phoenix. The atmosphere is welcoming especially for their articulate craft beer made with love and sophistication by Brian Helton who has won multiple awards and has over twenty-three years of experience in the industry. Enjoy their Tap Room which exhibits their hard work while listening to great music.

Check out this video where I sat down with Brian Helton discussing Helton Brewing, the craft beer industry and so much more 

2. Walter Station Brewery

This authentic setting is located in Washington and comes highly recommended by locals and tourists alike for their variety of beer choices available as well as their large open area seating options. The staff offers great service and is known for being very accommodating. 

3. Tempe Taproom (Huss Brewing)

Huss Brewing is located in Tempe, Phoenix, and was founded by husband and wife, Jeff and Leah Huss. Beers are exclusive to Arizona and serve first-class quality beers. This family-owned restaurant has several award-winning brews and is a must-see!

4. Simple Machine Brewing Company 

Established in November 2019, the Simple Machine Brewing Company offers beers that are true to its roots. With a wide variety of beers and affordable pricing options, you are sure to find something that you will enjoy. 

5. SunUp Brewing Company

The SunUp Brewery was established in 2006 and offers some of the finest world-class beers ranging from double IPAs to sours. Enjoy the chilled atmosphere while tasting the world-class beers they have to offer.

With over 100 Arizona breweries available and scorching weather outside, there is nothing better than stopping by a brewery and cooling yourself off. 

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